THE TRUTH: Mattis SPEAKS Out, How Trump Prevented World War 3


President Trump has reestablished the authority and regard that America has customarily gotten from the internation group. His solid initiative has now spared lives by preventing a catastrophic World War.

Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Matthis clarifies how Trump did it. The President’s cautious political maneuvering after striking a Syrian airbase averted heightening of war between the US and Russia.

By crushing the airbase in light of Assad’s utilization of compound weapons against his people, Trump sent a reasonable message: while we will work with Syria to battle ISIS, we won’t endure our partners hurting pure regular citizens.

That episode in April was one of the greatest presentations of Trump’s political virtuoso. It demonstrated he’s a conclusive pioneer who will act when outside forces cross the red line. As Gen. Matthis noted, Syria speedily quit utilizing chemical weapons. “It appears they took the warning seriously,” said the Secretary of Defense.

In the meantime, the episode demonstrated to President Trump knows how to contain himself and act calm. When he gave the approval to hit the Syrian airbase, many were stressed that the choice would prompt clash with Syria’s greatest partner: Russia.

In any case, President Trump played it cool. He clarified that not at all like the numerous Republicans calling for administration change in Syria, the exact opposite thing Trump needs is to send our troops to pass on in another Middle Eastern country building plan.

Since Trump clarified his point isn’t to irritate Syria unnecessarily, he could both stop the synthetic ambush of Syrian regular people and keep up serene relations with both Assad and Vladimir Putin. It was a HUGE win-win.

In one quick movement, President Trump kept us out of World War III. World War I was generally the consequence of bad partnerships. The collusions of the European forces made them go to war against different nations with which they had no interest in. That is the reason our Founding Fathers warned us against such unions.

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