How 25 Democrats Plan to Remove Donald Trump From Office


Several Democrats led by Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland have signed onto a bill that seeks to use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove President Donald J. Trump from office, according to this Fox News article.

The bill, if passed, would launch a probe concerning whether or not President Trump is mentally and or physically fit to hold the office of President of the United States.

Raskin is basing his argument that Trump is mentally unfit to be President based on sever “deranged” Tweets by the President’s personal account, and sustained patterns of disturbing behavior by the President.

The bill would force Congressional leadership to pick a psychiatrist and physician to evaluate President Trump’s mental and physical capacity to continue as President.

Have no fear all sane people of earth, because the 25th amendment requires that Vice President Mike Pence would have to sign off on the removal of Donald Trump from office, effectively making Mike Pence acting President.

The above scheme is nothing more that another desperate attempt by the left to regain some sort of power and control of their own destiny, which right now is in the hands of Donald Trump and the Republican party. The good news is, the more that the Democrats engage in obstructionist behavior and desperately hatch far-fetched plans to derail the President, the more the American public will become disgusted with them and see them for what they truly are: mentally ill individuals who seek to destroy America as the rest of us know it.