NBC Reporter Just Said Trump Is Using Sick Baby Charlie Gard As A “Political Prop”


A set of parents in Britain just got a dose of what socialized medicine is all about when a panel ruled that hospitals would no longer treat their terminally ill infant Charlie Gard.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he wants to help this child, and offered to have the family fly to the United States so that Charlie can receive treatment from American hospitals, instead of in Europe where he is being denied care. Instead of supporting Trump’s compassionate act, the liberal media has reached such a low point that they have been openly suggesting that Trump is using this sickly child as a “political prop.”

Said NBC’s Matt Bradley to fellow host Hallie Hackson, “Now depending on how you see this, Hallie, you could either – and depending really on your impressions of Mr. Trump before hand, you could either decide that this is the President selflessly stepping in to help grieving parents who are experiencing a terrible wrenching pain and a baby who has a very rare and very difficult-to-treat illness, or you could decide that this was the President trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain and weighing into a situation that is really very much a national and European issue and not one that would expect anything from a United States politician. But again, this just depends on how you look at it.”

He continued later, “So you can either – depending on your view of President Trump – you can either see this as the President weighing in to help a very sick child and his parents, or a president who’s using a very sick child and his parents as political props to appear as though he’s actually helping, when in reality it would take extraordinary intervention on behalf of the President to go in the face of multiple high courts here in Britain and the European Court of Human Rights.”

Bradley later added, “Now you can see President Trump’s tweet as either coming to the defense selflessly of a very, very sick little baby and his parents, or you can see it as the President exploiting a very, very sad situation and two parents who are just simply hard wired to keep their baby alive and will go to any lengths to see that happen.” Do you think it’s repulsive that he would suggest this about Trump?

Source: http://conservative101.com/