BREAKING NEWS: Could This be True? Trump’s Secretary of State FIRED EVERY Hillary and Obama Person at The State Department!


Named as AMAZING news this just leaked out in social media – Trump’s team is gathered in one place and they are also making the BIG moves!

Namely, Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State, is at present cleaning the house at the State Department. It is predicted that next on the list will be the FBI, CIA and NSA!

And not only this, it is spread around that most of the people who were fired were working on the seventh floor. That is where by tradition all the big troupes work…so now they are all out.

Maybe Trump doesn’t really care about what position you have. Maybe it’s true that he only cares about your work ethic and will you are going to get the job done. There is no way for sure that he could build his company as big as he did if he didn’t have these criteria.

People are commenting: “GREAT JOB REX! This is exactly what we were imagining for so long. Next, Trump must devote himself to clean more of the White House; so finally there will be no leaking at all”.

It is true that one country couldn’t be more a subject of laughter; filled with complete losers and amateurs, when president’s discussions with the leaders around the world are leaking out like sweeties! People, we are talking about our commander in chief!! He must be secured under many layers of confidentiality and professionalism.

Trump’s team must unite all federal government and stop the leaking once for all so that he might focus on his campaign promises! Getting his enemies out of the government is also one of his priorities.

Can we give president Trump a chance to actually run this country like he is running his company? Are we ready for a government that actually cares about us?