BREAKING: What The FBI Just Found On Wasserman Schultz’s Hard Drives Will SHOCK You


What The FBI Just Found On Wasserman Schultz’s Hard Drives Will SHOCK You

The Democrats are in a bad shape. They lost the 2016 election and their voter numbers are falling.

You would think that they would be trying their best to get back on track, put Hillary’s corruption and lies behind them and move on.

They are creating more and more problems for themselves. And it is not just Hillary Clinton who is causing them. It seems like the FBI has caught on to a new case.

There is currently an investigation involving the well known DNC Chairwoman and election cheater. Of course you know who I am talking about, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This was covered in Liberty Writers, where they said that she just cannot get away from negative press. She was personally involved in a financial fraud scheme. Her IT employee, Imran Awan has been charged for multiple violations.

It was widely reported on the MSM that he has connections to Pakistan. The FBI was fast to act and searched his house. They were horrified to see that in Hillary Clinton style, all of Awan’s equipment was destroyed. Even several hard drives. This does not look good at all. Would an innocent man do this?

Wasserman was already in the media before this. A laptop holding her personal data was confiscated. She went on a rant with the police chief even threatening him saying there would be “consequences,” if the computer was not returned. Does this sound like the words of an innocent woman?

I am hoping that the consequences will be for her. When she is thrown in jail. Watch her threatening the police chief in the video below:

From: Youtube

It is hilarious how this huge scandal is not being reported. I wonder why the mainstream media will not cover it? It is seeming more and more obvious that this “IT,” guy is collecting information for another organisation.

You may be feeling sorry for this IT man, because he probably just followed instructions. But that is what the nazi’s did. You also have to take into consideration he was payed OVER 4 million dollars since 2009. Money that not only went to him, but his family. THIS IS NO INNOCENT MAN.

More and more the true face of the Democrats is being exposed. How many more hard drives must be innocently destroyed before the MSM reports this? We need to get the word out there on this woman and her IT employee.