DELIRIOUS: Elizabeth Warren Compares Donald Trump to Kim Jong-un (VIDEO)


Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on ABC’s “The View” where she compared President Trump to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Whoopi Goldberg asked Warren to explain what is going on with North Korea, and how America resolves the crisis.

“We know he is an unstable man who has nuclear weapons,” Warren began telling Goldberg.

Joy Behar interrupted and asked Warren if she is talking about President Trump, at which point the crowd, including Warren, erupted into laughter.

Warren nodded her head in agreement and asked, “what could possibly go wrong?” She then talked about the importance of working with China to deal with North Korea.


Elizabeth Warren, aka “Pocahontas,” had to make fun of President Trump after the President has mercilessly hammered her over her lies about being Native American.

Recently, President Trump made fun of Democrats for allowing Warren to become the face of the party.

President Trump reportedly mocked Democrats in a meeting with senators this week for allowing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) become the face of their party.

“Pocahontas is now the face of your party,” Trump said in the meeting.

Trump frequently called Warren “Pocahontas” as an insult on the campaign trail, mocking her for previously talking about having a distant Native American ancestry.