Congress just started the War but Globalists are trying to blame President Trump.


The United States Congress not only overreached their constitutional authority with the new sanctions bill, they just started a trade-war with Russia and angered the Iranians.

Moscow fires back at U.S. over new sanctions, calling it a ‘full-scale trade war’

The Main Stream Media, Congress, and the entire Globalist Establishment were worried that President Trump might cause problems by pulling out of the Iran deal, softening relations with Russia, and solving the North Korean crisis.

They wanted to teach President Trump a lesson. That lesson not only gave President Trump sweeping powers Congress overlooked, it also started a Trade War with Russia, and could lead to a Trade War or even worse with China.

It is expected that China will also react to the new illegally imposed sanctions by the United States Congress. This could further disrupt an already rocky relationship with China, possibly starting a conflict in the South China Sea where China is trying to assert their dominance.

When you factor in the danger of China’s pit bull, North Korea, things could go from a Trade War to all out War in the blink of an eye. All because the Globalists who control the United States Congress want to destroy America!

All of this is happening right before our eyes and the Main Stream Media is trying to blame President Trump! Enough is Enough! We cannot allow the Main Stream Media to get away with their lies, PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!!!