Islam is not a religion of peace, despite what CNN tells you. Everywhere that an Islamic majority is found, there are barbaric laws that would absolutely stun even the most liberal of Americans.

Under Sharia law, women are not allowed to drive. Homosexuals are thrown off buildings, or stoned to death. Exposing your ankles is a severe crime that could lead to being gang raped and burned by acid attacks.

No matter how many leaked videos, news stories, and activists speak out against Islam, the idiotic liberals in this country continue thinking that it’s a good idea to appease them.

They deny that there’s a link between radical Islam and terrorism. They claim that Muslims deserve a special place in society, and that their religion should be honored. Simultaneously, they claim that Christianity is evil, and that white men are the problem in the world.

These very same liberals that have been brainwashed into believing that Islam is a religion of peace, are now occupying positions of power—just like this one federal judge who ruled against freedom of speech, and forced American patriots to pay an Islamic organization $3.5 million dollars.

In a new settlement agreement filed in New Jersey, officials completely and utterly surrendered to Islam. In addition to giving the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge a whopping $3.5 million dollar payment, they would also ban any Americans from commenting on “Islam,” or “Muslims,” at an upcoming mosque-opening event.

Pamela Geller reports:

 ANN ARBOR, MI – In a settlement agreement, which reads more like an instrument of surrender, Bernards Township (‘Township’), New Jersey officials agreed that, in addition to a $3.5 million payment to Islamic Society of Basking Ridge (‘ISBR’), residents and citizens of the Township are prohibited from commenting on ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslims’ at the upcoming public hearing to approve the settlement.

Astonishingly, a federal judge approved the prohibition as a fully enforceable Order of the Court.

As a result of this massive infringement of our first amendment rights, the Thomas More Law Center, a pro-American law firm based out off Ann Arbor, Michigan, decided to file a complaint in the New Jersey Federal District Court in response to this ridiculous surrender to Sharia Law.

Unfortunately, however, the federal judge that oversaw the case decided that it was completely constitutional to ban speech against Islam. This is not a joke, this is not satire…this is actually happening in America.


Judge Michael A. Shipp has betrayed our country. On May 30th, 2017, this federal judge sided with Islam over Christianity, with Muslims over Americans, and with Sharia over the constitution.

Millions of Americans are outraged, but uncertainty still clouds the air—how do we fight the Islamic invasion when our own politicians have betrayed us? Many are distraught, and rightfully so. If you have a daughter, you should be especially concerned.

It’s high time that we start speaking out against this scourge that’s slowly infesting our country. It starts off so innocently that people barely notice it’s happening—that is, until it’s too late.

If Americans don’t start speaking out against the Islamification of our country, our wives and daughters will be forced to wear burqas in just the next 15 years.

If you think that this federal judge should go to jail for TREASON, please flex your first amendment rights by sharing this article. Thank you and God bless!