After failing in Politics, Hillary Clinton wants to do this.


Martha Quillin at The News and Observer writes:

“Hillary Clinton wants to be a preacher, and a Duke Divinity School alum who served as her spiritual adviser during the 2016 presidential campaign says Clinton would be powerful in the pulpit.”


According to the same article Rev. Bill Shillaby said:

“I think she would be a terrific preacher”

As a Bible believing Christian myself I would be delighted to hear that Hillary Clinton had turned her life toward Christ and want’s to serve him, starting with a real baptism. That isn’t exactly the case. It looks like she just wants to stand in front of a room of people and tell them how to live their lives. Kinda like a mini-president.

Nothing irritates me more than these millionaire “preachers” who take money from people who need it more than they do. They use that money on million dollar jets and multi-million dollar homes. They enrich themselves by selling “health and wealth.” Their message has only enough to do with Jesus Christ to make them sound legitimate. A penny for my prayers?

I am disgusted by the abuses of people who call themselves “preachers,” while taking advantage. As far Hillary Clinton being a “preacher,” well she is welcome to worship along side everyone else.

Let’s not mistake personal ambition for spiritual ambition. It’s sad that a “Reverand” would allow her to keep thinking this way. I wonder how much money he has taken from his sheep over the years? If Hillary Clinton honestly want’s to serve God, she can start by reversing her position on Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Government controlled Healthcare.