Why the Solar Eclipse Spells Victory for Trump’s Supporters.


On August 21 the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. The total eclipse will cut a path just over sixty miles wide stretching from Oregan to South Carolina. The rest of the United States is expected to see a partial eclipse.

What Astrologists are saying

Astrologists tell AOL News that this could spell doom for Trump, while Christian leaders say not so fast.

August 11, 2017, AOL published a story saying:

“Astrologers warn upcoming solar eclipse could spell disaster for Trump”

They explain how the “stars” have been in Trump’s favor since he was elected. AOL referred to Wade Caves, an astrological consultant when they said:

“Caves points out that there was a total lunar eclipse when Trump was born on June 14, 1946, which he believes makes him more susceptible to the power of the moon.”

The report goes on to explain how eclipses have a history of brings doom and gloom. Of course, they hand picked events within the years of the eclipses, ignoring the good things that also happened in those years.

The Christian Opinions

From the Christian News community, CBN News reports that eclipses do indeed happen during bad times. They connect the great plagues of Egypt and the Crucifixion to eclipses.

It doesn’t stop there, CBN also connects “prophecies” to eclipses citing biblical texts the tell of the “opening of the 6th seal,” and the return of Jesus Christ. They connect the solar eclipse to the moon being “turned into blood” and say it is required to happen before the “Day of the Lord.”

I could go on and on with the variety of Conspiracy Theory websites from far Right to far Left. The point is this. Regardless of your religious opinion, there is one truth in all of this.

The Truth Trump Supporters Win.

An eclipse is coming. Historically eclipses have been good for the faithful, and bad for the enemies of God. So, I suppose one could say we will see where President Trump stands with God in about ten days or so.

It is widely accepted that the Christian vote put President Trump over the top in many of the battleground states.

I put my faith in God first, and I voted for President Trump. I am convinced he will come out of the winning side of this eclipse. Either way, most Supporters of Donald Trump put their faith in God first, which means Trump supporters will come out ahead, either way!

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