Source Close To Trump Predicts The President Will RESIGN…


Will Donald Trump resign from the White House? If you ask the ghostwriter of his 1987 memoir ‘The Art of the Deal,’ the answer to that question is yes.

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of the famed book, took to Twitter to state his belief that the President will reach a certain point where he has no choice but to resign, and that time may come much sooner than you’d expect.

He followed that up by even giving a shockingly short time frame.

That’s right, he believes that Trump may only have two or three months left in the White House at this rate. With the high turnover rate, the incessant tweeting, and failed attempts at policy implementation, President Trump really has quite a debacle on his hands; not to mention the witch hunt being carried out by Robert Mueller over non-existent Russian collusion.

According to Schwartz, Trump acts according to what he believes will be a win or a loss. If he perceives his time as President to be a potential loss, he will call it quits and declare victory.

Schwartz, now the CEO of the Energy Project, has been a critic of Trump as he ascended to the White House and has regularly tried to explain how the president goes about making decisions. In May, Schwartz wrote in The Washington Post that Trump “didn’t value—nor even necessarily recognize—the qualities that tend to emerge as people grow more secure, such as empathy, generosity, reflectiveness, the capacity to delay gratification or, above all, a conscience, an inner sense of right and wrong.”

Instead, everything for him is transactional and considered a win or a loss. If that is true, it would stand to reason that Trump will desert the presidency before it could be considered an unsalvageable loss.

That view is based on his experience with Trump during 18 months of working with him on the book. Since helping Trump write and publish the book, Schwartz has come to regret such work, and has been one of the vocal “Resistance” opponents since his political ascendance.

Schwartz furthermore believes that since the end is near, more pressure must be exerted onto Trump to officially push him out.

Schwartz is a vehement opponent of the President, but it doesn’t mean that his predictions should be ignored. If anything, he knows how the President’s mind works, and his thoughts can provide valuable insight into how he operates.

This prediction should set off alarms for his supporters. Schwartz knows the mind of Donald Trump more than almost any voter ever could. If there is a win-loss dichotomy in the President’s mind, that’s not a good thing.

This is not simply some business deal that he can back out of and not suffer major losses. This is the highest leadership office in the country. One does not simply resign if he sees his term of office being a possible loss. That’s not what he promised to deliver to this country, and all of his supporters must pressure him to stick to his word.

Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump because they believed him to be a man of his word. Will he stay true to that promise, and fight for the legitimacy of the office, and to deliver on the things that he so passionately claimed to believe in, or will Schwartz and the “Resistance” win?

It is incumbent on the President’s supporters to now give constructive criticism and put good pressure on him. It is way past time to get things right, to bring order to the White House, and maintain the office with dignity.