Mother Of Son Killed By Illegal DACA Alien Sends Heartbreaking Message To President Trump


The headstone of young 23-year-old Matthew Denice was placed on Thursday as front pages went nuts regarding whether an agreement will occur between the Trump Administration and Democrats that would secure some sort of legal status to DACA profiters.

Denice was murdered by a drunk unlawful immigrant following being hit, run over, and dragged while still breathing for a quarter mile, then run over one more time. The driver’s 4-year-old kid was in the drunk vigilante’s car as the person escaped down the road, leaving Denice with his lat breaths.

“I hope someone makes President Trump aware of the fact that I spent my afternoon at the cemetery crying my heart out as I saw my son’s headstone for the first time,” Matthew’s mother Maureen Maloney stated on Thursday.

During a Wednesday night dinner meeting at the White House including President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that came prior to a collaborative statement from Pelosi and Schumer ended up in an agreement conducted between the three to rapidly make DACA a law and provide border security, however no southern border wall whatsoever.

Maloney remembered and stated the following:

“Today as the media drama unfolded about President Trump’s DACA deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer I sadly reached another angel mom milestone. My son’s headstone was put up. It’s a milestone no parent should ever see. No parent is ever ready to see their child’s name on a headstone or urn. It’s another stab in the heart, another confirmation that my son is forever gone and we are permanently separated.

My son, Matthew Denice, was 23-years-old and had just graduated from college when he was killed by a drunk, criminal alien who ran through a stop sign and collided with my son on his motorcycle.  Experts and witnesses testified that Matthew survived the initial collision with only abrasions and bruises.  The driver then made the fatal decision to flee and as he did he ran his truck over Matthew and dragged him a ¼ mile to his death as horrified onlookers screamed and pounded on the truck to stop. After the driver ran off the road, Matthew’s body became dislodged from the truck the driver fled he ran over my son a second time.

Matthew was a college graduate with great potential and dreams of his own.  He earned a dual degree in Information Technology and Business Management. He dreamed of combining his Information Technology degree with law enforcement.  After his death, I learned that Matthew would have been hired in the next round of police hiring’s in our hometown of Milford, MA and was posthumously sworn in as a Milford police officer.   Amid my agonizing pain of losing him I was also so very proud of my son.

Matthew loved children and also dreamed of getting married to his girlfriend and having a family. I have not only lost my son, I have lost my future daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Sadly, my happiest days are behind me. I vividly remember the last happiest day of my life. It was the day Matthew graduated from college. My family was all together and Matthew was the first of my children to graduate college. He had worked hard to maintain good grades while working part-time to help pay his tuition so he could graduate debt free. My hairs were standing on end as he walked past me in the procession and up on the stage to receive his degree. There will never be another ‘happiest day of my life’ because Matthew is not here with us.

As an angel mom, I have been relentlessly speaking out and fighting for enforcement of our immigration laws and securement of our borders to prevent innocent Americans from being killed by illegal aliens. I don’t want Matthew’s death to have been in vain.

I hope someone makes President Trump aware of the fact that I spent my afternoon at the cemetery crying my heart out as I saw my son’s headstone for the first time. I pray that President Trump keeps the promises he made to the angel families and puts American’s first.”

Former President Obama implemented DACA via executive order while he was in office, permitting those illegal aliens that stepped into the United States as kids to stay on our soil and get work permits.